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P.A. Inc. supply chain

P.A. Inc. produces the most value-added results for our clients by developing the straightest and most reliable supply chain.

We continually look for ways to eliminate any unnecessary links (duplicate, non-essential costs) in the supply chain between the manufacturer and the end user. All products we distribute are acquired factory new from the most reputable manufacturers in the world. We do not `broker’ material nor do we advocate the utilization of surplus goods.  All our efforts are supported every day through a quantitative quality assurance department, which is second to none.

Material Traceability

We maintain complete material traceability not only to the manufacturer but to the origin of the material as well. Products provided by P.A. Inc. are supported by a full set of original Mill Test Reports with shipment and with the billing notice if so required. We retain all material composition and property data in our in-house data storage and retrieval system.

We also have in-house positive material identification (PMI) capabilities utilizing a Nuclear Analyzer and an Optical Emission Spectrometer. We offer alloy verification and chemical content confirmation if required. In-house Certified PT Testing and Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Testing are available as well.

P.A. Inc. a certified to ISO 9001:2015 company registered with Platinum Registration, an ANAB accredited registrar, registration number 04105411. We recently passed our a three-year follow-up audit with flying colors.

What Set P.A. Inc. Apart?

All customer service representatives have direct customer communication capabilities via phone, fax, scanner, e-mail or the Internet. As changes in technology become available, we upgrade our data environment capabilities to meet or exceed our customer requirements in this ever-changing market.

In today’s ever-changing business climate, P.A. Inc. strives to be the most efficient in all facets of our business.  We scrutinize all phases of our business for improvements that will increase productivity meaningfully and effectively.

We at P.A. Inc. firmly believe in:

  • Providing the best service
  • Offering quality products at fair competitive prices
  • Building strong relationships with our business partners,
  • Striving for continuous improvement not only in our organization but within our industry

This belief allows us to maintain a highly competitive edge in our industry.

We know if given the opportunity, P.A. Inc. can provide you with the most value-added supply chain for nickel, high nickel alloy and specialty stainless steel piping products. If you have any questions, please visit our Contact Us page.

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All our Quality Assurance efforts are supported every day through a qualitative specification assurance process which is second to none.

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