Quality Assurance

All our Quality Assurance efforts are supported each and every day through a qualitative specification assurance process which is second to none. We maintain complete material traceability not only to the manufacturer but to the origin of the raw material as well. All material composition and property data is maintained in our in-house data storage and retrieval system.

PAI specification confirmation is performed by in house certified technicians utilizing the following equipment:

X-Met 7500 Nuclear Analyzer    Confirmation of alloy elements
Z-200+ LIBS Analyzer Carbon content verification
Arc-Met 8000 Optical Emission Spectrometer Carbon content verification
Ardox Penetrant Testing (LDP) Surface Abnormalities
Panametrics NDT (MG2-DL) Ultrasonic wall thickness testing
Fisher Ferrite Scope Ferrite content confirmation
RF System Bore Scope Abnormalities inside wall (pass/fail)