P.A. Inc. Piping Materials Distributor

P.A.Inc. provides high quality piping materials in nickel, high nickel alloy, specialty stainless steel and titanium. Our extensive inventory includes:


In addition to our extensive in-house inventory, we provide Custom Fabricated Components and have a solid history of providing high temperature and corrosion resistant parts to the Specialty Chemical Industry.


These include, but are not limited to: PQE bottles, custom bends, furnace hairpin assemblies, sparger assemblies, transition pieces, manifolds, cones, TLX flanges, TLX inlet wyes, pigtails, laterals, return bends, internal or external finned tubes, sweeps, elbows, tees, bullhorn assemblies, crosses and nozzles as well as Alloy HP cast tubes and fittings. 


Qualitative Specification Assurance

Our Qualitative Specification Assurance process includes:


Confirmation of alloy elements
X-Met 7500 Nuclear Analyzer
Carbon content verification
Z-200+ LIBS Analyzer
Carbon content verification
Arc-Met 800 Optical Emission Spectrometer
Surface Abnormalities (pass/fail)
Ardox Penetrant Testing (LDP)
Ultrasonic wall thickness testing
Panametrics NDT (MG2-DL)
Ferrite content confirmation
Fisher Ferrite Scope
Abnormalities inside wall (pass/fail)
RF System Bore Scope


PAI also oversees all necessary audits, inspections, NDE, documentation and provides:

  • Strong Supply Chain Of high nickel alloy, specialty stainless steel and Custom Fabricated parts.
  • No duplicate or non-essential costs
  • Factory new parts from top manufacturers
  • Qualitative Specification Assurance Process
  • Certified to ISO 9001-2015 Through Platinum Registration, Inc (ANAB accredited, reg #04105411)
  • Complete material traceability through original Mill Test reports with all composition and property data retained in-house.

Our experienced customer service representatives are ready to serve you through your preferred contact method—Phone, fax, scanner, email, text, or through our website.


PAI maintains a strong competitive edge in the piping materials industry by offering premium service at fair pricing for all of your nickel alloy, specialty stainless steel and Custom Fabricated parts. And we pride ourselves on building strong relationships with our business partners.


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