P.A. Inc. Piping Materials Distributor

P.A. Inc. is a piping material service company which can provide your company with the most efficient and effective process for procuring the highest quality nickel, high nickel alloy and specialty stainless steel piping products in our industry.  We maintain an extensive and comprehensive stock of seamless pipe in high nickel alloy grades- Nickel 200, Alloy 400 (Monel), Alloy 600, Alloy 601, Alloy 625(Inconel), Alloy 800H/HT, Alloy 825(Incoloy), Alloy 020 and Alloy C-276(Hastelloy).  Additionally, we maintain an inventory of the complementary buttweld fittings (including 180⁰ SR and LR return bends) flanges, forged fittings and fractional tubing in the aforementioned alloy grades.  We also maintain a full line inventory of specialty stainless steel pipe, buttweld fittings and flanges in grades 304H and 2205.  We have recently made a commitment to include Titanium pipe, buttweld fittings and flanges in our inventoried product offering.


In conjunction to the products we inventory, we have the capability to provide custom fabricated components made from nickel, high nickel alloy and specialty stainless steel to your exacting specifications. P.A. Inc. has an extensive history of providing custom fabricated high temperature and corrosion resistant parts to the specialty chemical industry.  Custom fabricated products which we have experience in providing include, but are not limited to, are PQE bottles, custom bends, furnace hairpin assemblies, sparger assemblies, transition pieces, manifolds, cones, TLX flanges, TLX inlet wyes, pigtails, laterals, return bends, internal or external finned tubes, sweeps, elbows, tees, bullhorn assemblies, crosses and nozzles as well as Alloy HP cast tubes and fittings.  Any material which is utilized in the making of custom fabricated components, from the selection of the raw material source to the final shapes, is controlled by P.A. Inc. through audits, required inspections, NDE and supporting specification confirmation documentation.


PAI is committed to working with our customers in developing the straightest and strongest supply chain which will produce the most value-added results. We continually look for ways to eliminate any unnecessary links (duplicate, non-essential costs) in the supply chain.  All products we distribute are acquired factory new from the most reputable manufacturers in the world.  All our efforts are supported through a qualitative specification assurance process which is second to none and certified to ISO 9001-2008 through Platinum Registration, Inc. which is ANAB accredited, registration nr. 04105411.   A copy of our current ISO Registration is included on our website under Quality Assurance.


Our qualitative specification assurance process includes:

Confirmation of alloy elements
X-Met 7500 Nuclear Analyzer

Carbon content verification
Z-200+ LIBS Analyzer

Carbon content verification
Arc-Met 800 Optical Emission Spectrometer

Surface Abnormalities (pass/fail)
Ardox Penetrant Testing (LDP)

Ultrasonic wall thickness testing
Panametrics NDT (MG2-DL)

Ferrite content confirmation
Fisher Ferrite Scope

Abnormalities inside wall (pass/fail)
RF System Bore Scope


We maintain complete material traceability not only to the manufacturer, but to the origin of the raw material as well. Products provided by PAI are supported by a complete set of original Mill Test Reports with shipment and can be provided with the billing notice if so required.  All material composition and property data is retained in our in-house information storage and retrieval system.


All our customer service representatives have direct customer communication capabilities via phone, fax, scanner, email, text, or internet. We are continually upgrading our data environment capabilities as changes in technology become available.  This allows us to continue to meet or exceed our customer requirements in this always changing market.


Today’s business climate is considerably different than in years past.  We realize that to maintain market share and out perform our competition, P.A. Inc. must be a company “set apart” from all others in our industry.  We must always be the most efficient in all facets of our business.  All phases of our business are continually scrutinized for improvements, which result in meaningful, effective productivity gains.


We at P.A. Inc. firmly believe if we provide the best service, offer quality products at fair competitive prices, build strong relationships with our business partners, and strive for continuous improvement not only in our organization, but within our industry, we will maintain a strong competitive edge in our industry.


We know if given the opportunity, PAI can provide you with the most value-added supply chain for nickel, high nickel alloy and specialty stainless steel piping products. Read More About US